Vol Libre Production

The experience of professional falconers and horse riders

1998-2022 : The compagny VOL LIBRE PRODUCTION is 24 years old !

Professional entertainment !

Vol Libre offers falconry shows, equestrian falconry shows, falconry demonstrations, and a daily show called Les Aigles des Remparts (The Eagles of the Ramparts).
The show held daily (April up to 1st Nov) in the medieval city of PROVINS, nearby Paris, is an example and a reference in the world of equestrian falconry.
Les Aigles des Remparts presents over 100 birds of prey and tells the story of falconry through the centuries and across continents.
The show is unique in France thanks to its impressive parade of birds alongside horses.
The show use to welcome over 90,000 visitors/years!

Vol Libre has also made a name for itself in the WORL of the ARTS and entertainment: large-scale performances, cinema , TV, animal photography, fashion, TV reports, international Showjumping, Opera, medieval festivals, prestigious events, etc.


38 years’ expertise serving the arts

Professional falconer, professional horse rider and artistic director

The history begins in 1984… Philippe Hertel carried out his military service in the falconry division of the Strasbourg-Entzheim Air Base.
This division uses birds of prey to scare off birds on the runways before take-off.
This experience was the beginning of his passion for birds of prey. Appointed Head of the Falconry Division, he stayed here for eight years working with this unit attached to the French Ministry of Defense.

After this experience, he made the transition to the world of entertainment in 1992. With his Falconry Certificate under his belt, and now licensed to present birds of prey to an audience, he became manager of Les Aigles de Beaucaire (Gard).
From 1993 to 2001, he worked for the Provins Tourist Office as artistic and technical director for the show Les Aigles de Provins, in the Seine-et-Marne region, close to Paris.

In 1998, he created his own company Vol Libre, allowing him to produce travelling shows and events.
Since 2002, the company has been the producer of the show Les Aigles des Remparts in Provins, and participates in many prestigious events throughout France and Europe.

He has performed at shows at the Grandes Ecuries de Chantilly (stables) with Yves and Sophie Bienaimé; he participated on three occasions for the Nuit du cheval in Paris, as well as performing in gala shows for several horse jumping events in places like Nantes and La Baule (France), Geneva (Switzerland), Kiel (Germany), Sheffield (England), and for the Polo Bagatelle in Paris.

He collaborated with Mario Luraschi on Excalibur at the Stade de France, and with Frédéric Pignon on EQI in Avignon.

Other performances include the World Equestrian Games in Caen, races at Longchamp and Auteuil (France Galop), the CSIO 5 show jumping event at La Baule, the Equestria Festival in Tarbes, etc. He has completed two training courses at The Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art.